Press Release…

July 17th, 2020,6:30pm

Pentwater Times, sits down with small town Network Millionaire, Real Estate Investor Darren Grodi

Darren has made an excellent living in real estate and network marketing businesses and has turned 25 of his close friends and family members into millionaires themselves. He loves flipping homes with his Proud Properties business as well. We greatly appreciate Darren and his lovely wife Megan, sitting down with us on this bright sun shining day on thier amazing Lake Michigan front home.

MLIVE: So I just have to say Darren your home here in Pentwater is truly amazing, I love these hanging bean bag chairs over looking the beach.

DARREN: Thank You, and truly my picture perfect home is we get to share with family and friends!

MLIVE: I want to start off by asking how does a young gentleman like yourself get all this?

DARREN: Yes I get that question a lot from folks. (smiles and kicks back in swing) I always respond the same way. Change your way of thinking and you could too be living your dreams. 

MLIVE: It cant be that easy.

DARREN: I never said it was going to be easy. It takes mind control and hard mental work. I have to give credit where it is due, back in the fall of 2015 I challenged myself to a course that others would say ” Life Changing.” I said to myself I will be the judge of that. (laughs a little) The course, I speak about is called The Master Keys Master Mind Alliance or also know as MKMMA.

MLIVE: So your telling me by just changing your thoughts all this money and happiness just magically appeared? 

DARREN: (laughs again and jumps outta his bean bag swing) Lets go for a walk down by the water its too nice to be in the shade. You coming Shortz? 

Megan: That’s alright I will stay up here on the deck with Maci. Have Fun!

We walk down a slight ridge, on fresh clean timber stairs to the waters of Lake Michigan truly a gorgeous day, look back and wave at his daughter and wife up on their glass rail deck over looking the water. We start walking north down the beach with the waves gently rolling over our feet.

MLIVE: What a beautiful family you’ve got Darren.

DARREN: Thanks! They mean the world to me and my heart melts to see them so happy here. So to your questions about how this all came about for me. I can tell you that if I never took the MKMMA course none of this would of ever happened for me. Truly it was “Life Changing” I worked my ass off giving my all to what I have. Overcoming many things that I thought never possible. Learning that the more I gave the more I would receive.

MLIVE: What u mean by that Darren?

DARREN:  I was at a point in my life in the summer of 2015 hating my job feeling down having Cluster Headaches all the time and not having a clue what I wanted out of my life. I seek a better of myself and for my family.

MLIVE: Cluster headaches whats that?

Darren stops walking and looks at me with a deep dreadful look.

DARREN: The worst pain I have ever been in my life! For 5 years prior to the MKMMA course I would get these Clusters. SHIT!!

Darren drops to the sand below us and starts pumping out push ups! What is he doing! He does 25 of them quick like. Jumps back up brushes his hands off.

DARREN: Whew!!  Sorry bout that I don’t talk about them anymore! Every time I do I have trained my self to do 25 push ups to remind myself of a place I don’t ever wanna go back to. If you remember take a few mins and look cluster headaches up and you will see why.

MLIVE: I will. So tell me about your MLM Team.

DARREN: Yea for sure! EpicLyfe has some amazing products out there to help people live a healthier life. I wont go blabbing on about that though for that is an old habit that made me zero dollars.

I stopped him from walking and turned back to the south

MLIVE: Wait I thought EpicLyfe made you millions.

Darren started laughing and then started walking back towards where we came from.

DARREN: Nope EpicLyfe was the vehicle and the gasoline or should I say racing fuel for my fast track to the riches in network marketing is a very nice man from Hawaii and his fabulous wife with a group of coaches that run a MLM training called Go90Grow. They are also the brilliant folks that ran the MKMMA. Beautiful people with the sunshine in their eyes. I got the pleasure to fly out to Hawaii and meet them all. What a trip that was!

We reached the front of his home and looked up at his modern but rustic home on the ridge overlooking the Lake and Darren looked back at the water, back at me, back at his house, then back into my eyes and paused for a second.

DARREN: Crazy thing is about all this beauty I have……… is I pictured this day in my thoughts and mind. This house, the stairs, the deck, the water, the sunshine. Every little detail I could possibly think of. I spent a lot of time I mean a lot of time on this very moment,

His eyes began to swell and tears fell from his smiling face.

DARREN: Here right now was something I have manifested in my thoughts for years and now its a reality. So yea I can say Change your thoughts, Change Your Life. Having will power and dedication to knowing what you want is AWESOME! 

He pumps his fist on his chest twice and points to crystal clear blue sky.

DARREN: Love my Life! Love my Wife! Wanna come up for some Italian home made eggplant Parmesan? My wife makes the best, its in her blood.

MLIVE: Would love too.

We sat on their huge barn wooden dinning table in their open kitchen overlooking the sunset lake. Truly a perfect family living their dreams and so kind and friendly. One of the best interviews I have done in my young writing career. O yea the food was truly divine, and I also made great friends that day.