Week#23 Positive Spirit

Let the Positive vibration flow in your life on every moment possible and your life will begin to change. I no longer get punched in the face with negative hay-makers! I have learned how to bob&weave every day beatings. My former self, before the MKMMA Journey would allow one little to thing piss me off and then the ball would start rolling downhill from there. Have you ever felt like the world is always beating you down? Always angry at something or someone? I know I was.

My spirit was seeking to show me a new way to live. The Universe wanted to open my mind to a new Positive way to create Happiness and Gratitude and Pure Love! Finding the Hero’s Journey and MKMMA has changed my Life! There has been a major improvement in my Life and I Am more Focused on what truly matters to me in my Life! I Am the master of my life and I AM the one in control of my own Happiness! My Love for all that the Universe has to offer is in full bloom and Positive affirmations are manifesting everyday!


We all have the Right and the Power in ourselves to be the Heros in our own life! We All hold the Power to create the world without by changing the world within. What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.

Keep Smiling!




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