Week 18 CHANGE!

Wow!  Society has been telling me what I should be wearing,  doing,  eating,  drinking, saying, believing, paying, buying and sooo on! Putting the focus on money and the more money creates more Happiness. Goal Post Moving Society. What you are earning now is not good enough, not driving the coolest car or having the biggest estates.  Never satisfied.

I feel like we have become on autopilot going about our days doing what someone has told us we should be doing! Wake my ass up at stupid thirty in the morning go to a job someone told me oooo its a good job, bennys are good, steady work, put your time in and go home,  blah! blah! blah! OOOyea  also take these pills to make you feel better if you don’t like your life.



  • Is it really all about what we have to spend to be happy?
  • How is it that we have been raised to be consumers and takers?
  • Greed and Jealousy

Ask your self this…..What is wrong with the World Today?…..

Then go watch the Documentary called “I AM” by Tom Shadyac



This  Documentary puts what we have been learning in the Master Keys into perspective for me. There is good in this world and love and happiness is out there! We have to start by changing ourselves first! One thought at a time! Have faith in ourselves that we can make a difference in our lives and also in others. Love is Truly all that we need!

I AM now Changing!






9 thoughts on “Week 18 CHANGE!

  1. AWESOME post, Darren! I loved it! You are exactly right! We must start questioning what comes from our heart’s desire and what comes from the bad programming we picked up from somewhere else. Thanks for posting!

    PS: Stupid thirty in the morning! LOL! 🙂


  2. OMG! You were reading the thoughts in MY head. MKMMA helped me wake up and see the same ridiculous prison I had put myself into that you just described. Got out and got Happy!! Wishing you all the happiness you can stand! Awesome to be sharing this journey with you.


  3. Yay. I’ve finally figured out how to comment on your blogs!
    Darren; I have to say, your blogs have been AWESOME lately! I am so honored to be in the same class as you.
    I am now addicted to Tom Shadyac YouTubes. Each one just hits me!
    Thanks bro!


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